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Catalytic Products - RTO Recommendations (1/18/18)

Odor issues related to industrial processes are not uncommon. Thermal oxidation is recognized as the most effective way to destroy odor causing compounds and it does not involve using or generating other odor causing compounds. Thermal oxidation is commonly used throughout the United States to destroy odor-causing compounds generated by sewage treatment plants, natural gas processing facilities, petrochemical operations, printing operations, coating operations and a wide variety of other processes that involve odor causing materials.

In order to ensure complete destruction of the odor causing compounds, the TRITON Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) proposed by Catalytic Products International (CPI) has been designed to meet or exceed EPA suggested minimums for combustion temperature, residence time and mixing – the three variables that ensure effective RTO operation. The odor causing organic compounds emanating from the process will be converted into inert by-products, water and usable heat.

Founded in 1969, CPI is a leader in the supply of high quality air pollution control systems providing a single-source solution to customer air pollution control requirements. CPI has successfully engineered solutions to nuisance odor problems throughout the United States and overseas. Based on our experience, installation of an RTO is the most effective and most environmentally-responsible way to address this odor issue.

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